TAOS light-to-frequency converter

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Pacer is distributing the new TAOS light-to-frequency converter evaluation module (LTFEVM). The module enables hands-on assessment of the advantages and trade-offs of the TAOS light-to-frequency converter range with a single tool. It is user friendly and a USB interface requires no additional power supply.

The LTFEVM consists of a motherboard with a Parallax BASIC Stamp microcontroller plus two microcontrollers operating as coprocessors, and a set of six daughterboards featuring the light-to-frequency converter devices in a variety of different sensing configurations. The daughterboards are hot-swappable for quick comparison of sensor characteristics. Five of the six daughterboards also include PWM-controlled LEDs to allow simulation of either a reflective or a transmissive light sensing application. The Windows-based application software features frequency and period measurement, LED brightness control and a strip-chart recorder.

TAOS light-to-frequency converters are designed for applications such as ambient light measurement, measuring light absorption/reflection in products such as white goods, photographic equipment, colorimetry, chemical analyzers and display contrast controls or any system requiring a wide dynamic range and/or high resolution digital measurement of light intensity.