innoRam portable Raman spectrometer

Pacer has announced that it is now distributing the innoRam portable Raman spectrometer, manufactured by B&WTek. The system features an integrated touch screen computer with research-grade performance. The spectrometer includes a back-thinned 2D-summed CCD linear array of 2,048 pixels, TE-cooled to an operating temperature of -20ºC. The system features B&WTek’s patented 785nm Cleanlaze technology, delivering high sensitivity, high dynamic range, and a spectral resolution of 2cm-1.

A choice of 532nm or 785nm narrow line-width wavelength stabilised excitation lasers is available, with outputs of 40mW and 300mW respectively, exiting via the fibre port. The lab grade fibreoptic probe covers the range 65-3250cm-1 of Raman shift at a centre resolution of 2cm-1 with the high resolution system. The system package includes laser safety goggles and user controlled laser power via software.