TBP01-800/12 tunable NIR bandpass filter

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Semrock (Part of Idex Corporation) has introduced the TBP01-800/12, a new product in its VersaChrome range of tunable thin-film optical filters. The TBP01-800/12 allows tunable imaging in the near-IR regions of the spectrum, with a range of more than 100nm.

VersaChrome filters offer wavelength tunability over a wide range of wavelengths (>12 per cent of the normal incidence wavelength) by adjusting the angle of incidence with essentially no change in spectral performance. VersaChrome tunable filters combine all the performance advantages of thin-film optical filters (high average transmission, steep edges, and wide out-of-band blocking) with the tuning flexibility of a diffraction grating. The complete set of bandpass filters covers wavelengths in the 390-800nm range. Rectangular filters are available in a 25 x 36 x 2.0mm size, and custom-sized filters are made to order.

These tunable filters are suitable for fluorescence microscopy and measurement applications, as well as hyperspectral imaging, high-throughput spectroscopy and other optical system that can benefit from the spectral and two-dimensional imaging performance of thin-film filters. Because of their excellent polarisation insensitivity and high optical quality and damage threshold, the filters are also suitable for a range of laser applications.