'Technology' series lasers

Laser-Compact has launched a series of actively q-switched DPSS lasers which is intended to be used in industrial applications.

Development of the 'Technology' series is based on many years experience in R&D and manufacturing of Q-switched lasers: Laser-Compact says more than 2,500 of this kind lasers (mainly UV) have been produced for OEMs in mass-spectrometry, micro-dissection and marking applications.

Laser Compact says the Technology-series lasers are new alternatives to the large, complicated and expensive high-power lasers.

Due to combination of high pulse energy (up to 2mJ) and peak power, ultra-compact footprint and conductive-cooled laser head, superior pulse-to-pulse stability and beam quality, low power consumption and maintenance-free operation, they are aimed at meeting OEM customers' requirements and are suitable for commercial applications.

Wavelengths of 263, 351, 527 or 1053nm are available.