L Series of MFP fibre lasers

Vonjan Technology, a German-based provider of laser sources, F-theta optics and deflection units, has introduced its L Series of MFP fibre lasers. The MFP-5L, MFP-10L, MFP-15L and MFP-30L models are compact, air-cooled fibre lasers with output power of 5, 10, 15 and 30W respectively.

Depending on the model, they are designed for applications with pulse frequencies between 10 and 45kHz and are suited to integration in laser marking systems. In addition, the new models all include an integrated aiming beam and are equipped with a central wavelength of 1,064nm. The beam quality ranges from less than 1.4 to less than 1.8 M², depending on the product version.

The new L Series models are suitable for marking, engraving, labelling, cutting and micromachining. The fibre lasers are compatible with all common controller cards and can be controlled with no prior modification.