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Edmund Optics has released two new fast, fixed focal length lenses. The new Techspec lenses offer object-space resolution better than two line pairs per millimetre and are available in popular focal lengths such as 8.5 and 12mm. These lenses are designed for high-speed, high-resolution imaging, making them ideal for on-line inspection applications.

The high-resolution fixed focal length lenses support sensors as large as 2/3-inch and provide an angular field of view greater than 40º. At the lens’ minimum working distance of 200mm, this corresponds to a field 240mm wide for the 8.5mm focal length lens and 155mm for the 12mm focal length lens. The short focal lengths of these macro lenses allow them to work in low-lighting applications, offering speeds as fast as f1.3.

As with other Techspec imaging lenses, the high-resolution fixed focal length lenses offer a robust set of mechanics to complement the high quality optics. Features include a low-profile housing, variable focus and iris adjustments with detents, and a standard C-mount interface for convenient camera coupling. Focus and iris adjustments can be locked using thumb–screws, or replaced with setscrews to give a more permanent lock. Industry standard filters can be easily attached to these lenses via the M25.5 x 0.5-mm filter thread located on the front of the lens.