Techspec laser-line right angle prisms

Edmund Optics has introduced a new range of laser-line right angle prisms under its Techspec brand. The optics feature less than 0.25 per cent reflection at the design wavelength, and are ideal for industrial and low power laser applications, such as beam steering or alignment. The prisms are designed with impressive tight angle tolerances and are manufactured from precision N-BK7 for ease of use in a wide variety of visible and NIR applications.

The most common application for the optics is bending image paths or redirecting light at a 90º angle, so as to produce a left-handed image, which may be inverted or reverted, depending on the prism's orientation. Right angle-prisms may also be used in combination for image/beam displacement as part of an optical system.

The prisms are available with coatings for HeNe and diode laser sources, and are offered in six sizes from 10mm to 50mm, with a 405 V-Coat, 633 V-Coat or a 785 V-Coat. The V-Coat refers to the shape that the reflectance curve makes, which has a narrower bandwidth than a broadband coating.