Techspec F-Theta Scanning Lenses

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Edmund Optics (EO) has launched a family of Techspec F-Theta Scanning Lenses, which are designed to optimise the laser scanning process. These lenses are optimised for use with either Nd:YAG lasers operating at 1064nm or CO2 lasers operating at 10.6µm.

F-Theta lens, most commonly used in high end laser scanning and printing applications, are also widely used for laser marking, engraving and cutting systems. In scanning systems incorporating galvanometers, the laser beam may propagate at varying angles relative to the optical axis causing distortion. F-Theta lenses are designed to correct this distortion, providing a flat field at the image plane.

The Techspec F-Theta Scanning Lenses are available at a range of focal lengths varying from 100 to more than 250mm, which can scan fields as large as 175 x 175mm. The Nd:YAG lens incorporates three elements with highly efficient AR coating to provide optimal resolution and throughput. The CO2 lens is a single-element design. All lenses are provided with industry-standard M85 threading, which eases mounting and retrofitting on OEM equipment.