Techspec telecentric lenses

Edmund Optics has introduced its Techspec range of high resolution lenses, for use with 5 megapixel sensors. The highly telecentric lenses produce unrivalled levels of contrast, yielding maximum image quality with the highest degree of measurement accuracy. The lenses provide up to 2/3-inch sensor coverage, offering high contrast at 72lp/mm across the full sensor field.

The lenses feature an F/# value as fast as F/6, enabling achieve the superior light collection required to work with the latest high resolution scanners on the market for sophisticated gauging and inspection solutions. Ideal for integration into factory assembly lines, the lens features a locking iris and focus, which prevents unintentional lens adjustments in high vibration environments. Each lens uses an image side telecentric design that eliminates illumination roll off, which can be especially prevalent in systems using larger sensors.