Telecentric f-theta lenses

Sill Optics has released the series S4LFT5165, a telecentric scan lens optimised for either 532 or 1,064nm.

Both offer a maximum beam diameter of 10mm and the scan area of 75 x 75mm. The focus spot variation across the entire scan field is well below 10 per cent. A focus spot size of approximately 15µm for the 532nm and approximately 30µm for the 1,064nm lens can be achieved assuming a 1/e² beam diameter.

The choice of lens materials were optimised to offer maximum transmission at 532nm in order to minimise nonlinear effects such as self focussing and thermal lensing.

The lens design has been optimised to eliminate ghost images that can occur even if high performance anti-reflective coatings are used. The S5LFT5165 will replace the S4LFT5163 series.