Thermal laser power sensors

Ophir-Spiricon has introduced a new line of thermal laser power sensors for powers up to 400W. The high performance heat dissipation sensors feature an array of pins for cooling, unlike other devices which rely on flat cooling fins, which can take up more space. The company claims that the laser power sensor is the most compact on the market, at half the size of most other devices. The modular design can be customised to suit a variety of OEM applications.

The new high thermal efficiency sensors also have improved detectors for better uniformity and longer lifetimes. The sensors are very linear and show no drift in readings when they heat up under laser irradiation. Linearity and stability with heating is better than one per cent in most cases. The devices also have very high uniformity of reading over the surface, also better than ±1 per cent in most cases.

The low-medium power thermal sensors are designed for concentrated beams and pulses with power levels from 50mW to 150W and apertures to 35mm. The medium-high power sensors are designed for higher power applications up to 400W, apertures to 50mm.