Thor amplifier series

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The Thor Series is the newest addition to Quantronix’s ultra-fast amplifier family and provides a low repetition rate, high energy solution for customers who want a compact amplifier system to achieve up to a terawatt level of peak power.

Distributed in the UK by Photonic Solutions PLC, these compact lasers offer pulse energies to greater than 40mJ from a sub 35fs pulse, operating at repetition rates from single shot to 20Hz. Standard building blocks from other well established Quantronix laser systems are used in the build of these lasers, enabling very reliable system operation and streamlined upgrades. These terawatt systems also utilise Quantronix’s precision-engineered base plates, giving excellent thermal stability and alignment-free operation. 

The Thor is available in three standard models: the Thor-C, Thor-HE and the high power version Thor-TW. Each model comprises a Quantronix TiLight seed source and a Continuum pump source (Inlite for Thor-C, Surelite for Thor-HE). Both the Thor-C and the Thor-HE are single stage amplifiers, as such they are supplied as a single box design. The Thor-TW is a multiple stage amplifier, with the first amplification stage typically the Thor-C or Thor-HE and the second stage amplification achieved through second stage add-ons. Customers have the choice to buy from the standard product list or equally the Thor can be customised to meet specific experimental needs.