Tip/tilt/piston devices

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Mirrorcle Technologies (MTI), the California-based manufacturer of patented, gimbal-less micromirrors, has announced the commercial availability of tip/tilt/piston devices fully supported by a plug-and-play development kit. The company’s MEMS-based beam-steering micromirrors now feature ‘third dimension’ agility – in addition to tipping and tilting the the X and Y axes, these devices are now available with a third, pistoning movement. While these gimbal-less devices have increasingly been deployed around the globe, not many users have taken advantage of their third dimension pistoning capability. 

Mirrorcle Technologies has been offering high-quality dual-axis MEMS mirror devices for over a decade, with its unique, proprietary gimbal-less design that offers not only highest speed tip/tilt capability, but thanks to the freely suspended actuator ‘stage’ also pistoning or z-axis freedom. This is applicable for both integrated, monolithically fabricated MEMS mirrors, as well as for bonded, modular devices consisting of an actuator die (=the ‘engine’ that moves the mirror) and a ‘bonded’ mirror of various sizes up to 5.0mm in diameter.