TIS-FD-09 A-scan Ti:Sapphire laser spectrometer

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Laser Support Services has launched a laser spectrometer from Del Mar Photonics.

The fully computerised, powerful laser spectrometer can be used when fine resolution and high spectral density of radiation within UV-VIS-NIR are required.

This fully automated high-resolution spectrometer is based on CW narrow-line Ti:Sapphire laser. Novel advanced design of the fundamental laser component implements efficient intra-cavity frequency doubling as well as provides a state-of-the-art combined ultra-wide-tuneable Ti:Sapphire and Dye laser covering a super-broad spectral range between 275 and 1100nm.

The spectrometer includes a CW ultra-wide-tuneable narrow-line laser, high-precision wavelength meter, an electronic control unit driven through USB interface and a software package. The spectrometer is fully controllable through a user-friendly computer interface that offers a variety of modes.