Ti:Sapphire laser mirrors

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Edmund Optics has introduced a range of ultrafast mirrors designed to maintain the performance of laser systems. The ultrafast Ti:Sapphire laser mirrors keep pulses together with flat group velocity dispersion curves centred on 800nm and flat over the 700-900nm range.

The mirrors are available in 12.7 and 25.4mm diameters, 6.35mm thick, with a 10-5 surface quality, and surface accuracy of 1/10 wave. These mirrors are also tough, able to withstand laser powers up to 0.5J/cm² in a 150fs-long pulse or 100kW/cm² CW. Effectively 100 per cent of both S and P polarised light reflects from the mirrors from 730 to 900nm.

These fine mirrors are precisely machined to offer parallelism to within 5-arc min., an 85 per cent clear aperture, diameter tolerance of +0.0/-0.2mm, and thickness tolerance of ±0.2mm. They are designed for a 45° angle of incidence, for steering ultrafast laser beams.