TLB-6736 Velocity tunable diode laser

New Focus, a Newport Corporation company, is introducing TLB-6736 Velocity, the first widely tunable diode laser with a tuning range of 1975- 2075 nm. With its uniquely wide tuning range the latest addition to the New Focus Velocity diode laser series opens up a new variety of applications ranging from mid-IR frequency combs, molecular spectroscopy for ground measurements and atmospheric monitoring to seeding Hm doped fiber amplifiers.

“We have received many requests for a 2 µm laser over the past several years”, says Sandy Wang, Senior Product Marketing Manager for New Focus tunable lasers and modulators. “It was not available anywhere else on the market. Other tunable lasers are well below 2 µm and QCL wavelengths are above 3.5 µm. The decision to offer the TLB-6736 as a catalog model instead of a custom system was largely driven by customer request. We are now very happy to provide researchers with this powerful and flexible laser.”

The TLB-6736 Velocity is a tunable external cavity diode laser capable of fine (piezo) and coarse (DC motor) mode-hop-free tuning. It operates in single mode and provides > 2 mW of power at 2030 nm as well as a 200 kHz linewidth (measured over 50 ms).