TracePro 5.0

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Lambda Research Corporation has launched TracePro 5.0, the latest release of its software for optical modelling, design and analysis.

TracePro 5.0 delivers a number of new capabilities, including enhanced light source modelling in TracePro, such as the ability for TracePro users to combine multiple light sources with various wavelength spectrums in one TracePro model and analyse numerous light source interactions in the same ray trace.

Additionally, a user-defined, customised surface source database can be built in TracePro 5.0. For example, TracePro’s new surface source property editor allows TracePro user to specify light source behaviour dependant on specific wavelength, temperature and emission angle. In addition, the user can now specify particular light source wavelengths to be traced for all source types (surface, grid and file sources) providing the designer with greater modelling flexibility. Fluorescence emission wavelengths can be now defined for each fluorescent object enabling more effective modelling and analysing of fluorescent dyes with varying emission spectrums. These new features result in more efficient and flexible raytrace runs, saving designers’ time and efforts.  

Also, a standalone light source property wizard compatible with TracePro 5.0, enabling users to import light source properties such as wavelength spectrum and radiation patterns from manufacturer’s data sheets, has been added to TracePro 5.0 release.

Finally, TracePro 5.0 users will benefit from significant enhancements in the user interface for modelling light sources, improved flux report, reverse ray trace and luminance ray trace.