TracePro v7.7.2

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Lambda Research has released the latest version of its  TracePro software. The latest release, TracePro v7.7.2, is now available to the general public.

Updated features in TracePro 7.7.2 are a new Candela Plot Viewer and a Lighting Toolkit designed mainly for automotive applications. The Candela Plot Viewer allows previously-saved angular plots and simulation-mode ray-traces to be viewed, giving users access to the luminous intensity of previous designs. Depending on user selections in the Candela Options dialog box, TracePro can plot intensity for incident rays, exiting rays, or rays that miss all the model geometry during the ray-trace as Candela data.

The Lighting Toolkit gives TracePro users the capability to analyse lighting systems, including luminaires and automotive headlamps, tail lamps, warning lamps, and marker lamps. The Lighting Toolkit provides visualisation tools and regulation tables to certify that simulated results meet the requirements of the lighting and automotive standards and provides pass/fail criteria for ECE, SAE, IESNA, and FMVSS regulations.

Also included in the TracePro 7.7.2 release are improvements to the photorealistic rendering capability by enhancing contrast control with a gamma slider, display of luminance values, and faster renderings. These improvements enable designers to have a more accurate, three-dimensional visualisation of the performance of their luminaire or light pipe design.

Lastly, this latest release makes better use of internal memory on computer workstations by enabling users to choose whether they would like to use Simulation or Analysis Modes for ray tracing. This flexibility enables users to rapidly and accurately simulate results in less time and with minimal use of system resources.