T.rad 1000D

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Spectrum Detector, a manufacturer of THz sensors and diagnostic instruments, has introduced the T.rad 1000D, a broadband pyroelectric radiometer for intensity measurements covering the entire THz spectrum (0.1-30THz). The radiometer consist of a large area, high sensitivity pyroelectric detector and electronics, mounted in a thermal isolation enclosure and mated to the USB powered LIA-DPM digital lock in module. The detector operates via the company's Lock In Amplifier, LabView software and measures optically chopped THz sources from 100nW to 20mW.

Spectrum Detector's Lock In Amplifier software is versatile yet simple to use and includes multiple user screens, such as strip chart, statistics, tuning and setup. While displaying measurement data on the computer, there is an option to log data, creating a file with a specified batch size, which will be stored in the host computer's memory. These data files can be recalled and analysed anytime.