Trap radiometers and joulemeters

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Spectrum Detector has launched its Trap Series of digital radiometers and joulemeters, which can achieve a measurement uncertainty of less than 1 per cent on multiple points across the spectrum.

The systems are based on wedge Trap concepts pioneered at NIST Boulder – where the technology plays a critical role in NIST spectral calibration transfer standards.

The entire Trap Series’ system is contained within a single, compact, USB-powered probe housing. The user connects the probe to a PC via the USB port and begins measuring using powerful Labview software. The Trap series is ideal for any ultra-precise measurement application, and provides a NIST-level gold standard for in-house calibrations.

Trap consists of a large-area black pyroelectric detector opposite a large-area broadband mirror in a 15° wedge configuration. The wedge configuration is designed so that 99 per cent of the light passing through the 5mm aperture is absorbed and measured. This means the spectral response from 0.25-15µm is flat to one per cent or better.

The digital Trap Series is available in radiometer or joulemeter configurations. The Model SPT-DR-TRAP is a radiometric model with measurement performance from 20µW-200mW FS, with minimum resolution of 50nW.

The Model SPT-DJ-TRAP delivers joulemeter measurement performance from 2µJ to 2mJ, with minimum resolution of 100nJ. Included with all systems is full featured, executable LabView applications software that provides single and dual-channel measurement capability, powerful automation routines and sophisticated data collection, statistics and graphic presentation.

Analog Trap instrumentation is also available, optimised for use with oscilloscopes and lock-in amplifiers.