Transmit optical subassemblies

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CyOptics has introduced the 1310nm Fabry-Perot and Distributed Feedback TOSAs (transmit optical sub-assemblies) for 10Gbps applications. The lasers are designed as a ridge waveguide structure and contain InAlGaAs-based multi-quantum well active layers for better static and dynamic performance over temperature.

The TOSA products incorporate an integrated InGaAsP monitor photodiode and are packaged in a TO-header with receptacle for uncooled use over an operating temperature range of -25 to 90°C and transmission rates of up to 10.7Gbps.

The TX299K (FP) and TX293K (DFB) TOSAs are compatible with the 10Gbps Miniature Device Multi-Source Agreement for high performance transceivers addressing the OC-192/STM-64 SONET/SDH, LRM 10 Gigabit Ethernet and 8X Fibre Channel market applications.