MDJ10 10 channel multiplexed Joulemeter

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Spectrum Detector has introduced the MDJ10, a 10-channel multiplexed digital Joulemeter. It is the first of its kind, designed to make pulse energy measurement of a single laser at 10 places, or 10 lasers synchronised to one trigger. It was originally designed to measure the spatial distribution of a single high energy pulsed laser, but can readily be used as a 10-channel pulsed laser test set for burn in and life test. It currently features the use of 10 pyroelectric Joulemeter probes mated to flexible cables for unique positioning. The device can be adapted to take Joulemeter probes of any size, and based on silicon, InGaAs or pyroelectric detectors. By making use of a range of energy detectors, the device can be used to measure wavelengths from deep ultraviolet to far infrared, energy levels from nanojoules to millijoules, and pulse frequencies as high as 400Hz.

Each MDJ10 includes 10 detector channels, featuring a smart interface box that includes an EPROM for individual probe calibration data, fixed range amplifiers, a microprocessor and digital to analogue converter for easy analogue output. The device comes with a stand alone LabView applications program, which displays the pulse energy of each of the 10 individual channels. It also includes LabView Drivers that support customer driven test software.