TruLaser Station 3003

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Trumpf has launched its new TruLaser Station 3003 for users who are interested in small and medium batch laser welding. If the application requires a pulsed laser, such as for welding temperature-sensitive components, users can select a TruPulse laser. Disc, diode or fibre lasers up to an output power of 1,000W can be combined with the TruLaser Station 3003 to weld lap joints in heat exchangers, for example. An additional use includes removing layers or stripping semiconductors, in which case the microprocessing laser from the TruMicro Series can be installed in the laser workstation.

The TruLaser Station 3003 works economically and with minimal auxiliary processing times due to its programmable focusing optics (PFO 20/ PFO 33); an integrated scanning optic makes this possible by ensuring that neither the workpiece nor the optic have to be moved for processing. Linear axes that expand the working range are available as an option. Despite its compact dimensions of 860 x 2,000 x 1,310mm, the laser workstation has a large working volume of 300 x 300 x 500mm. Its automatic swinging doors provide fast and ergonomic loading of workpieces.