Ultra-High Packing Fraction (UPF) OptoCooler module

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Nextreme Thermal Solutions has launched its Ultra-High Packing Fraction (UPF) OptoCooler module, which is a thermoelectric module that has been optimised for laser diode, LED and advanced sensor products.

The UPF OptoCooler removes a maximum of 420 mW of heat at 25°C ambient in an active footprint of only 0.55 mm2. As a result, the module can pump a heat density up to 78 W/cm2. At 85°C, these values increase to 610 mW and 112 W/cm2, respectively.

With Nextreme's thin-film thermal bump technology at its core, the OptoCooler can be integrated directly into electronic and optoelectronic packaging to deliver more than 45°C of cooling for a wide variety of thermal management applications.

For example, the module can be embedded within laser diode packages - devices that illuminate telecom fibre-optic cables - to control temperatures and maintain proper operating conditions for optimal performance. In addition, the module’s ultra-fast, millisecond response time and broad temperature range capabilities can enable improved performance of the thermal cycling processes in a host of applications.