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Ultrafast Pulse Diagnostic brochure

APE has released a dedicated Ultrafast Pulse Diagnostic brochure that gives an overview of the range of available products.

Exclusively distributed by Photonic Solutions, the Ultrafast Pulse Diagnostic line features highly flexible autocorrelators for pico- and femtosecond applications covering all wavelength ranges, as well as complex technology for phase resolved measurement. New to this product line is the re-designed and re-engineered LX Spider, the new state of the art diagnostic for short pulse Ti:Sapphire laser systems. The LX Spider brings together full temporal, phase and spectral characterisation of the laser pulse, within an easy to align, compact and user friendly design. The system comes complete with full operating software and an intuitive user interface for complete turn-key operation.

Another new introduction in 2008 is the inclusion of trace acquisition and retrieval software on the FROG option of the PulseCheck autocorrelators. The FROG option with the PulseCheck represents great versatility, with the simplicity and immediacy of the autocorrelation function, and the phase and temporal diagnostic given by the FROG.


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