Ultrasensitive HF (hydrogen fluoride) Gas Analyser

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Picarro has released a sensitive real-time gas analyser for trace HF detection, capable of measuring down to 10 parts per trillion (lower detection limit) in ambient air. In addition to its sensitivity, the analyser operates with no requirement for frequent calibration and with complete immunity to cross-talk from any other ambient gas component, including varying moisture levels. The analyser can be operated remotely with sampling rates as fast one Hz, producing drift-free data with up to four digits of precision. Plus, the high dynamic range of this rugged analyser means it can deliver a linear response for HF concentrations as high as parts per million, with an absolute accuracy of better than one per cent.

This new HF analyser is based on Picarro’s Wavelength-Scanned Cavity Ring Down Spectroscopy technology (WS-CRDS). This technique measures near infrared absorption in a flow cell using an internal laser beam over an effective path length of up to 21km.  

The new Picarro HF analyser is ideal for use in semiconductor fabrication facilities and cleanroom applications where ambient air must be rigorously monitored for HF. It will also find applications in other industries where HF may be present, such as aluminum smelting and glass/glassware production.