OptiCentric Linear Pro and ImageMaster PRO 10

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Trioptics’ OptiCentric Linear Pro measurement system changes the centring measurement of lens systems.

The conventional centring test of individual lenses and lens systems only allows the testing of one lens at a time due to the required rotation of the sample. With the OptiCentric Linear Pro, users will be able to determine the centring of lens systems without requiring rotation of the lens.

The OptiCentric Linear Pro uses a principle based on a high-precision linear axis that serves as a reference for the system. Very small remaining errors are measured, and the measured value is calculated by software using a correction factor. 

The software of the system includes a special adaptation to the production environment, so that the quality of each lens can be evaluated on the measurement tray on screen by means of a colour code, using pass/fail criteria.

The company also introduced the ImageMaster PRO 10, which can achieve highly accurate MTF measurement in mobile phone lenses and other small lenses with a measuring speed of 1.3 seconds per lens and an accuracy of +/- 1.5 per cent. Measurements at different frequencies and RGB measurements can also be performed to determine chromatic aberration.