USB Interface for the NanoScan

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Photon has released a USB interface for its NanoScan beam profiler. This provides a significant level of portability with Photon NanoScan, and is especially attractive for field service applications, as well as flexible manufacturing operations, where test equipment is frequently moved to different workstations.

Previously, a separate PCI data acquisition board needed to be installed in a computer for the NanoScan. For applications with a laptop computer, this meant that additional hardware was required to operate a NanoScan, since laptop computers do not operate with a PCI interface. Now, a NanoScan operates on a computer with a USB port with the NanoScan operation software installed.

Photon’s NanoScan beam profiler involves a scanning slit measurement technique to deliver high resolution profiles. For many beam measurement applications, no external beam attenuation or conditioning optics are required to profile the beam, which simplifies the beam profile measurements.