FS2 Flashlight Measurement System

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Labsphere has launched the FS2 Spectral Flux Measurement System, which carries out accurate spectroradiometric, photometric and colourimetric characterisation.

These application-specific, turnkey systems evaluate lamp efficiency for flashlight development and manufacture in commercial, marine, military, head-wear, emergency roadside and outdoor equipment applications.

The FS2 system assesses total spectral flux (watts/nm), total radiant flux (watts), total luminous flux (lumens), colour (CCT), lamp performance vs. time, peak and dominant wavelength, spectral purity, colour rendering index (CRI), chromaticity coordinates and half-bandwidth. The high dynamic range is suitable for a broad range of flashlights, including those with LED, tungsten, xenon and krypton lamps.

The system’s integrating sphere, coated with Labsphere’s highly reflective diffuse Spectraflect, delivers exceptional spatial integration, critical for uniform, repeatable and reproducible measurements of directional light sources. Total forward spectral flux measurements are possible with the easy access side mount port, and an optional internal mounting platform in the integrating sphere delivers total spectral flux measurement of flashlight lamps.

Substitution errors are corrected with an absorption correction lamp and a forward spectral flux standard is provided for user calibrations. The lamp distribution further reduces spatial substitution errors. The MtrX-Flashlight, Flashlight Spectral Flux Measurement Software provides a user-friendly, intuitive platform for calibrating the system and analysing measurements. All measurement results are captured instantly with real time graphics and the ability to generate and export reports.