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Photon has introduced the USBeamPro CCD, a 12-bit CCD-based high resolution laser beam profiling system with USB 2.0 connectivity, operating under Photon's BeamProfiler Software in Microsoft Windows. It provides NIST-traceable highly accurate measurements of ISO Standard laser beam profile parameters, including laser beam diameter, centroid, and power/energy for CW, pulsed, and single-shot lasers. The USB 2.0 interface offers enhanced ease of use and portability.

The USBeamPro CCD features a 0.5-inch format 1,360 x 1,024 array with 4.65μm square pixels; for a total imaging area of 6.32 x 4.76mm. The camera's small form factor of 70 x 95 x 33mm allows ease of placement into typical optical paths. Lasers nearly always require power/energy attenuation by 5-15 orders of magnitude and this camera can utilise Photon's numerous attenuation options including the variable attenuator ATP-K.