UV flash lamp

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Polytec has introduced its 1.5 metre long pulsed UV lamp for photonic sintering and industrial UV curing. The 60-inch LH-8150 lamp has been specially developed for large scale UV curing and photonic sintering in roll-to-roll applications. As such, it is suitable for applications such as printed electronics and display manufacture. 

The system consists of two separate lamps and an elliptical reflector which ensures the special homogeneity of the radiated light. Due to their short, high energy flashes, the lamps produce significantly less heat compared to mercury UV lamps. This means there is no problem processing sensitive substrates such as paper and film. The system also provides shorter exposure time for fast sintering and curing procedures in automated production processes.

Xenon flash lamps can also be used for sterilisation applications in food and pharmaceuticals environments and in the semiconductor and solar energy industry.