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Crystal IS UVC LEDs offer light stability, instantaneous response and design freedom over mercury-based lamps. For environmental monitoring the UVC LED offers:

Ease of use across multiple water treatment environments because of the smaller footprint - directly in a pipe, in an open channel or used offline as a battery operated handheld instrument.

High spectral quality for measurement linearity over a wide range.

Long lifetime and simple drive electronics that enable maintenance-free, continuous remote operation.

Sensorex, a leading manufacturer of quality sensors for water applications, evaluated Crystal IS UVC LEDs as a light source replacement to mercury-based lamps. Testing confirmed that brighter, longer lifetime UVC LEDs were a significant contribution to a UVT monitoring instrument that:

  • is able to achieve full intensity instantly
  • optimizes UV disinfection dosage guaranteeing that systems are not under- or over-dosing water and
  • reveals cost savings greater than the one-time cost of purchasing the UVT monitor.

"With Crystal IS, Sensorex can manufacture state-of-the-art sensors for water monitoring," Larry Felton, CEO of Crystal IS. "Their willingness to test and implement new light sources proves why they continue to be a market leader."

The Crystal IS UVC LED allows manufacturers to fully exploit the power of UV-based technology to improve productivity, increase accuracy and create greater flexibility in product designs. Crystal IS UVC LED technology, made possible by the unique, low defect AlN substrate, delivers superior light output, better spectral quality and best-in-class reliability and lifetimes, a game changer for environmental monitoring, life sciences and analytical instrumentation. 

"The small footprint, long lifetime and low power consumption if Crystal IS deep UV LEDs is ideal for the UVT-LED product," said Dan Shaver, new business manager at Sensorex. "This makes for a versatile product with extremely stable readings in all conditions, over an extended lifetime."