Uvisel+ RM

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The Horiba Jobin Yvon Group, a manufacturer of classical spectroscopic systems and components has released the Uvisel+ RM, which extends the capability of the Uvisel with a new independent Reflectometry Module (RM) that can be mounted on the Uvisel goniometer. The low cost RM module is available either as an option or as an upgrade for all current models of the visible and NIR Uvisel spectroscopic ellipsometers, as the module is simply connected to the Xenon lamp and monochromator of the Uvisel via two optical fibres.

The RM allows reflectance measurements at normal incidence over the wavelength range 210nm – 2100nm with a 200µm measurement spot. Through the integration of ellipsometry and reflectometry the Uvisel+ RM enables flexible and accurate measurements of:

  • Thickness of single and multiple layer films ranging from 1Å to 30µm;
  • Optical properties (n, k, a) of materials;
  • Direct spectroscopic measurement of sample reflectance; and
  • Precise description of thin film stacks for interfaces, roughness, inhomogeneities, etc.

The Uvisel+ RM is simple to operate using the DeltaPsi2 acquisition system, which has a large materials database and powerful analysis features. For difficult applications it is possible to combine both ellipsometry and reflectometry measurement for the analysis of a sample.

The spectroscopic metrology platform is ideal for photovoltaic, display, optical coatings and surface treatments applications.