Flexscan portable FTIR

A2 Technologies has introduced its Flexscan portable FTIR system - a high performance, mid-IR spectrometer that fits in the palm of a hand. The Flexscan is intended for dedicated field analysis, complementing the company's Exoscan system, which is intended for laboratory and field use.

Flexscan is suited to dedicated applications that require the use of FTIR spectroscopy in out-of-lab settings. Flexscan is offered with a variety of sampling interfaces including diffuse, grazing angle, ATR and specular reflectance. Thus a broad range of materials can be analysed including polished or roughened metals, polymers, composites, plastics and most other solids. Scientists and engineers involved in applications including analysis of composites and metals used in aircraft and marine vessels, analysis of minerals or soils, surface coating analysis, analysis of contamination, corrosion or oxidation of surfaces, and in a wide range of research or troubleshooting applications, will find the Flexscan a powerful ally.

Flexscan consists of two parts; an optics module that contains the source, interferometer and detector all optimally coupled with sampling optics, and a power module that contains battery and electronics. The latter module is available either belt-mounted or held by a shoulder strap. The performance of Flexscan rivals or exceeds that of far larger, traditional analytical bench top FTIR spectrometers. This is a result of a patented modulator that has extremely short internal pathlength while retaining a large optical aperture. An important benefit of this design is that the spectrometer is very rugged, making it suitable for out-of-lab use.