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Newport has introduced the UZS80 vertical linear stage, which provides high-precision vertical translation for applications requiring submicron resolution. The UZS80’s low-profile design makes them particularly suited for space-limited XYZ positioning applications such as scanning, topography measurements and focusing.

The vertical motion is achieved with a precision inclined-plane design, consisting of two opposing wedges which move past each other via inclined, ball bearing races. A precision lead screw translates the lower edge horizontally, and this motion is converted into vertical translation by the inclined ball races between the two wedges. To avoid unwanted side motion, the upper wedge is constrained by vertically mounted precision ball bearing slides. For repeatable return to a pre-determined level height, all UZ Series stages feature a centre home position.

The UZS80 is available in two configurations. The UZS80CC DC motor version provides high-speed adjustments at up to 4mm/s speed and accurate bi-directional positioning capabilities. It features a high-resolution encoder with index pulse that is directly attached on the lead screw. This eliminates most of the possible error sources associated with indirect read feedback devices.

The UZS80PP stepper motor version is economical and suitable for less demanding applications. When used with motion controllers with high micro-step capability, like the XPS, ESP300 or SMC100PP, low noise operation and very small incremental motions are guaranteed.