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V10-1300M and R40-1300

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VI Systems, a manufacturer of ultra-high speed components for data communications, has introduced the V10-1300M fibre coupled optical transmitter modules which includes a 1,310nm VCSEL (vertical cavity surface emitting laser). The first generation of transmitter that is specified for up to 12.5 Gigabit per second.

VI has also released the R40-1300 which is a receiver module, designed for the range from 900-1,350nm operating wavelength. The R40-1300 receiver is designed as a small form factor ROSA (receiver optical subassembly) which is available as fibre coupled device with a test board and receiver is specified for data rates of up to 40 Gigabit per second.

The new modules feature a 50/125µm graded index multi-mode fibre. The VCSEL transmitter module is equipped with a 60GHz V-connector for the electrical input signal and operating current with a specified as standard FC/PC optical connector. The transmitter provides a maximum optical output power of 1.1mW at 2mA. The operating voltage is 2V. The module footprint is 34.5mm x 16.7mm with a height of 8mm.

The R40-1300 receiver includes a PIN photodetector with an input range from 900-1,350nm wavelength and a transimpedance amplifier (TIA) in a compact high frequency TO-style micropackage. The receiver is coupled with a 50/125µm multi-mode fibre.

The dimensions of the fibre coupled assemblies are 6 x 6mm and overall length is 40mm. The module is available with high speed adapter board with electrical differential signal output through 2.92mm high frequency connectors.