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VI Systems has introduced the fiber coupled 850nm vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) transmitter module V50-850M for data rates of up to 50 Gbit/s. The transmitter module features a V-connector for the electrical input signal and for the optical output a 50/125 multi mode fiber which is terminated with a standard FC/PC connector.   

The V50-850M transmitter module is designed for test setups aimed at development of advanced short reach optical interconnects. The module footprint size is 62.5 mm x 16.7 mm. The height of the module is specified as 8 mm. The fiber cable length is typically 1 meter. 

The maximum optical output power is specified at 6 dBm. The typical operating voltage is 2.4 V. Test data is provided by the Heinrich Hertz Institute, Berlin. No pre-emphasis and equalization was applied. A significant improvement is expected with properly adjusted electric pulse shape engineering.