Vanta range of handheld XRF analysers

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Olympus has introduced its Vanta range of handheld XRF analysers to increase productivity in materials analysis tasks. A rugged design delivers elemental analysis and quantification for a wide variety of materials in any setting, and results are now faster, more accurate and reliable. Easy operation alongside a host of inventive features benefit many applications including alloy recycling, positive material identification (PMI), and geochemistry.

The Vanta includes a mesh and shutter to protect the detector from sharp objects and costly repair. The design maintains uptime and increases productivity allowing users to continually obtain laboratory-quality results. The Vanta series is IP 65 rated for protection against dust and water, and drop tested to military standards. In addition, operation within a temperature range of -10 to +50°C is valuable during geochemistry and mining discovery programmes in extreme climates. 

Elemental analysis and quantification are achieved in 1-2 seconds, thanks to Olympus’ new Axon technology, which increases throughput and ensures analytical confidence. Alongside an internal library of more than 700 alloys for comparison means that alloy recycling, PMI and precious metal identification can be performed quickly and confidently.

The customisable user interface is easy to use and a range of application-specific software features increase user productivity, delivering a fast return on investment. The Vanta also feature embedded GPS for XRF data spatial tracking, removing the need for costly external GPS accessories.