New Spectroscopy Solutions portfolio

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Andor Technology has announced the launch of its latest Spectroscopy Solutions portfolio. Andor's product offerings now include microspectroscopy and scanning monochromator accessories, complementing the company's range of high-end CCD, InGaAs, ICCD and EMCCD cameras, as well as Czerny-Turner and echelle spectrographs.

Andor's new additions to its Spectroscopy Solutions portfolio include a number of purposely designed, yet versatile accessories and interfaces for microspectroscopy. The wide-aperture slit allows a combination of sample imaging as well as structural and chemical analysis through a single spectrograph and single detector setup, while interfaces to the ever-popular modular cage systems, allowing maximum user setup flexibility.

Monochromator accessories are also included in the portfolio and feature a comprehensive range of single point detectors, comprising PMTs, silicon photodiode, PbS and MCT for sensitivity up to 12µm.

In addition to a new 64-page spectroscopy brochure, a new spectrograph resolution calculator is available on the Andor website for intuitive spectrograph configuration selection, along with a comprehensive range of application and technical notes.