VCSEL-based proximity sensors

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Princeton Optronics has announced the start of high volume mass production of single emitters and small arrays for optical proximity sensors. Because of  their small form factor, high directionality and better electrical-optical conversion efficiency, the VCSEL-based proximity sensors are a suitable choice as a replacement for an IR-LED in any active optical sensor.

VCSELs enable smaller, more cost-effective packages with lower power consumption, as well as longer ranges due to narrower native divergence allowing for design into conventional proximity sensing as well as for mobile applications.

Recent technology developments and demonstrations of 63 per cent of wall plug efficiency and operation at high temperatures, have enabled Princeton Optronics' VCSELs to demonstrate effectiveness for many proximity and high volume applications.

Single emitters can reach output powers from milliwatts to several watts in continuous mode and order of magnitude more in pulsed mode while maintaining industry leading efficiencies. Single emitters and arrays are offered in die sizes from 190 x 190µm up to 500 x 500µm and are offered at 850nm and at 940nm.