Silicon photomultipliers

Excelitas Technologies has expanded its line of silicon photomultipliers (SiPM) with the addition of two new offerings in its existing low light level detection portfolio. Available in 1 x 1mm (C30742-11-050) and 6 x 6mm chip areas (C30742-66-050), the latest SiPMs provide additional options for OEM applications in need of high photon detection efficiency.

Both solutions are based on Excelitas’ high-performance APD processes, which offer low timing resolution, extremely low dark count and low cross talk for demanding high-volume applications such as molecular imaging and radiation detection. They are ideal for Positron Emission Tomography (PET), high-energy physics and analytical measurements for fluorescence and fluorescence lifetime detection.

The SiPMs were designed for photon detection in the 350nm to 850nm range and are a cost-effective, electromagnetic insensitive, high-performance alternative to photomultiplier tubes for situations where immunity to electromagnetic fields is crucial. With a large operating voltage range (5-10V), the photomultipliers are available on either ceramic mount or Excelitas’ leadless laminated carrier surface mount to meet a variety of customer requirements.