Verdi G-Series green OPSL

Coherent has introduced its Verdi G-Series, a novel type of optically-pumped semiconductor laser, which is available in both 2W and 5W green (532nm) versions.

By replacing the conventional DPSS gain medium with an optically pumped semiconductor structure, Coherent claims to have made a more robust, wavelength-flexible and compact source, well suited to scientific applications such as pumping.

The new Verdi G Series meets or exceeds the performance parameters of the company's existing Verdi lasers, which are based on conventional DPSS technology. The new laser, however, offers a 50 per cent smaller footprint, lower price and operating cost, and the ability to use other wavelengths, making the device suitable for pumping ultrafast and CW Ti:Sapphire lasers, as well as other scientific applications.