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ES Technology, a UK supplier of Universal Laser Systems (ULS) products, which use CO2 lasers for non-contact engraving, cutting and marking, now offers three new models in ULS's VersaLaser product family.

The VLS3.60, VLS4.60 and VLS6.60 offer increased work envelopes and components of up to 813 x 457mm in size can now be processed within the VLS6.60. With a wide choice of laser power options, from 10W up to 60W, the VersaLaser range is suitable for applications within industries such as aerospace, electronics, medical, fashion, packaging, and printing. Designed to handle complex cutting, 3D engraving, scribing, scoring and marking applications, the VersaLaser systems utilise ULS' patented Rapid Reconfiguration technology. This feature enables the user to change the laser power in seconds and without the need for tools.

The system provides seamless integration between the CO2 laser, the laser system and the advanced Laser Interface+ materials based Windows print driver. This enables optimisation of workflow processes, improves operational efficiencies, and further expandes the options for customising individual applications. A broad range of accessories further compliments this series of laser systems. These include, a rotary fixture attachment which enables processing of cylindrical components, a down draught honeycomb cutting table, and high power density focusing optics for high resolution engraving and marking on metal components.