Verve DPSS laser

Elliot Scientific is distributing the Verve CW DPSS (Diode Pumped Solid State) laser from Klastech, outputting in the UV at a wavelength of 266nm.

Initially available with powers of up to 100mW, the laser features a miniaturised double cavity and nitrogen sealed UV optics. Its continuous wave operation opens up many exciting avenues for researchers, such as in UV spectroscopy, or for industrial applications like semiconductor inspection.

Featuring reduced power consumption and minimal heat generation, Verve requires no water cooling or nitrogen purging, reducing the lifetime running costs of the laser. It remains mechanically stable throughout operation and beam pointing stability is maintained to better than

In common with all other Klastech lasers, Verve exhibits silent running (<0.5 per cent rms noise), provides a diffraction limited output beam with an M2 better than 1.05 and achieves long term power stability of less than 2 per cent. Based on the company's iMAT - impedance Matched Amplification Tuned - laser technology, Verve produces an inherently pitch perfect single frequency performance with a line width of less than 1 MHz.