Butterfly Laser Diode Module

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Elliot Scientific has released the Eblana Photonics EP1550-NLW-B Butterfly Laser Diode Module to users in the coherent communications, sensors, medical device and imaging equipment industry sectors.

The product is already in use for high bandwidth coherent communications applications where, for example, high spectral efficiency, phase encoded signals are used to overcome transmission bottlenecks.

The EP1550-NLW-B Series lasers have an emission line-width specified at 400kHz and below, with highly linear light current characteristics and high Side Mode Suppression Ratio (SMSR).

A strained multi-quantum well Discrete Mode laser diode chip is supplied in an industry standard hermetically sealed 14-pin butterfly integrated with optical isolator, thermo-electric cooler (TEC), thermistor and power monitor photodiode. Each device is shipped with individual test data of the measured linewidth.

Features include: narrow linewidth (typically 350kHz), excellent wavelength control and stability, industry standard 14-pin Butterfly package, high SMSR performance  and  typically 6mW output power.