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Quantel Laser has  the Viron diode-pumped Q-switched Nd:YAG laser, designed for high efficiency in a robust, compact package favoured by instrumentation manufacturers.

As applications such as Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) move out of the lab and into industry, the demands on the laser source are tremendous. Industrial instrumentation manufacturers require laser sources that are small and lightweight, and virtually maintenance-free. The Viron delivers up to 30mJ at 1064nm in an 8ns at a pulse repetition rate of 20Hz.

The Viron is a complete integrated package (laser head and control electronics in one housing) requiring only DC power. Its compact size and industrial command protocol enables easy integration into all types of instrument solutions. Optimised for LIBS, pulse energies of 10s of mJ combined with a low divergence beam enables the tight focus required to generate a plasma on all kind of non-transparent samples. Active Q-switching provides full synchronisation capabilities with the spectrometer and excellent pulse energy stability. 

Quantel Laser has also released a very high energy, short pulse Laser Diode Illuminator product optimised for use as an ultrasonic generator for photoacoustic imaging applications. Available in wavelengths from 640 to 1570nm, the device is also finding use in active imaging and 3D scanner applications.

The illuminator is derived of a single QCW laser diode stack, the driver and the power supplies into a compact 2 x 2 inch package. The QCW diode can be collimated in the fast axis, resulting in typical beam divergence of around 1 x 8 degree.

The device requires only a low voltage power supply and an external TTL trigger for simple operation. When operating at high average power the illuminator can be cooled with a TEC.

Customised versions are available with options ranging from various input voltages, specific pulse duration or energy, fast axis collimation, integrated optical telescope, integrated cooling, custom packaging and more. 

In addition, Quantel Laser has launched a very high peak power 640nm diode stack targeted at applications in ophthalmology, photoacoustic imaging, and DPSSL pumping.

New visible semiconductor developments enable very high peak power laser diode arrays. Quantel, with a long history of diode packaging expertise, has designed these devices into multiple different industry standard packages including stacks of bars and fibre coupled devices. Quantel’s new products offer performance of up to 2kW peak power at 640nm in a diode stack, 50W peak power (or 16W CW) in 400μm fibre coupled package and 30W peak power (10W in CW) in 200μm core fiber.

With 40 per cent efficiency at 25°C, QLD continues to offer the highest performance on the market.

This 640nm wavelength is now available in all QLD packaging; single bar, stack, fibre, large array, as well as other industry standard packages.

This wavelength is also available in the recently announced Laser Diode Illuminator product.

In this configuration, the source produces 1mJ of 640nm energy at pulse widths from 20 to 150ns.