The new Vitara from Coherent is a widely tuneable, ultrafast laser delivering pulse widths shorter than 12fs, while also offering hands-free and fully automated operation.

This includes automated wavelength tuning over a wide (755nm to 860nm) range and push-button bandwidth adjustment from 30nm to 125nm. The output power of Vitara peaks at over 450mW due to the fully integrated and compact Verdi G 5W pump laser based on Coherent's unique optically pumped semiconductor.

The Vitara's 125nm maximum bandwidth delivers a specified pulse width of ‹20fs, with a typical pulse width of 15fs directly from the laser output. In addition, the optional compact compressor enables the Vitara pulse width to be further compressed to 12fs or less. Other options for Vitara include a next generation CEP stabilisation module and a synchrolock module for external pulse timing stabilisation.

Applications for the Vitara include seeding short-pulse amplifiers and CEP-stabilised amplifiers and pump probe spectroscopy. Other applications include THz spectroscopy and imaging, where the short pulsewidth produces the highest possible THz bandwidth, multiphoton (MPE) microscopy and multiplex CARS imaging.