Vitara UBB

Coherent has released the latest member of the Vitara family of extreme performance, closed-box, ultrafast oscillators, the Vitara UBB. The device provides access to pulse widths under 10fs, with options below 8fs on request.

Vitara UBB (Ultra BroadBand) achieves its short transform-limited pulse widths because of its very broad bandwidth (>200nm at the -10dB point). Its combination of short pulse widths, broad bandwidth, high reliability and ease-of-use make Vitara UBB the ideal laser for applications in terahertz pulse generation, optical coherence tomography (OCT), pump-probe spectroscopy, multiplexed CARS spectroscopy, non-linear microscopic imaging and seeding short-pulse amplifiers.

The Vitara UBB integrates Coherent’s Verdi G pump laser into the robust opto-mechanical design and also applies the company’s industrial laser manufacturing processes, including rigorous HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screening). It also includes ease-of-use features such as electronically adjustable bandwidth control and PowerTrack active pump beam alignment.