Obis 6 remote

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Coherent has expanded its Obis family of plug-and-play smart laser modules and accessories by introducing the 6-Laser Remote that integrates the power supply and control of up to six separate lasers.  

This new accessory is the same compact size (105 x 68 x 36 mm) as the existing Obis single laser remote. The 6-Laser Remote not only integrates operation of multiple lasers, it also reduces the cost of ownership and the footprint of the overall system, since it allows all the lasers to use a single 12V power supply. It incorporates a CDRH-requisite on/off master key switch, as well as individual colour-coded flip switches to power on/off up to six different Obis lasers. Moreover, this new remote is offered as a package with a 12V power supply module, together with colour-coded labels and six colour-coded cables to clearly identify different wavelength lasers.