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Watchdog from eurolaser will have a large positive impact on service quality for eurolaser systems. By considering this analysis tool, our customers will always be able to view all the most important functions of their systems. By the remote diagnostics, service calls can be better planned as well as faults can be rectified much faster. This is a large step towards making eurolaser systems even more effective. This process obviously is not completely new, but it is a one of a kind for this market segment.

For the user, ‘Watchdog’ as technical complement of the laser systems minimizes the times in which the machine cannot be used and therefore saves costs. Live monitoring presents important parameters and fault messages to the customer in real time and allows eurolaser and the customer to react quicker.

Through very modern technology and approved innovations, eurolaser’s cutting systems are very effective and belong to the most effective laser cutters of the market. Therefore, Watchdog modernises eurolaser systems even more. In the long term, Watchdog saves time and money and makes the production much efficient to the customers. In the future, all eurolaser systems will be equipped, as standard, with the necessary hardware for using this analysis tool.